You may want to learn or improve your crawl technique - so this period is right for you.

In 10 weeks each half an hour of instruction, you will get the tools that allow you to increase your swimming or swimming speed. The goals on the team will be made individually in cooperation with you - so it's only you who put limitations on how far you can reach.

On the team you will have an increased body sensation, thus creating an understanding of how to get the most effective in the water.

Undervisningen vil være en blanding er semi-supervised teknik træning og fælles træning på holdet.

Feel that you have challenges with getting your head under water - so be calm - we can also help with that.

The team takes place in the swimming pool section with a raised sink in the basin with approx. 27 grader.

There is a maximum of 10 swimmers at a time, so there is plenty of overview from the coach to correct along the way. Er holdet optaget vil man komme på venteliste indtil ledig plads.

Der svømmes om torsdag mellem 18.30-20.00


You must be over 18 years to go on this team and you will be willing to learn. Otherwise, it's just a meeting up and getting started

Regler for holdet

Du betaler for 10 uger med træning halvanden gang om ugen. Bliver du væk fra en træning i denne uge, det tales som en gang. Der kan tages individuelle hensyn til fravær.

Pris: 850 kr.

Tilmelding the next period of Holdet should be hende  (2201 Periodekort 2).